Stage Entertainment

We have compiled a list of participating stage entertainers with a brief bio for KidFest 2017.
Free entertainment will be on the main stage all day so be sure to stop by and have a listen, join in the fun!

Entertainment Schedule

Time Performer Sponsor & Biography
9:55am - 10:20am
World Music Camp
African-inspired songs by graduates of the Errington World Music Camp
10:30 - 10:45am
Lina Janeski
Original songs and covers by 9 year old ukulele whiz
Cassandra Karras School of Highland Dance
Maxine Creery
Originals by 16 year old singer/songwriter
Innovate Dance Arts
Solos and group performance by members of leading dance studio:
Some Day's You Gotta Dance (Tap duet) Sophie Martin & Mia Pettigrew
Little Miss Honky Tonk (Tap Solo) Sophie Martin
Bring it On (Jazz Solo) Mia Pettigrew
Lyrical (Ballet Solo) Ashlynn Fedorak
Vogue (Jazz Group) Ava Barlow, Bryn BinderThunya Dudley, Ashlynn
Fedorak, Kennadi Krastel, Sophie Martin, Mia Pettigrew & Madelyn Silver
Jessica Kelly
Performing since she was 4, Jessica aims for a career as a performing artist
Annika & Nolan Hupp
Sister and brother act will sing a duet version of “Count on Me”, by Bruno Mars. More to
1:10 - 1:45pm
QF Children’s Sandcastle AWARDS
Quality Foods
1:45 - 2:30pm
Rick Scott
Appalachian dulcimer, original blend of folk & blues

World Music Camp

The 8th annual Errington World Music Camp is a program where youth aged 8 and up will have fun learning music and dances from Africa and Brazil.

Those youth who are new to marimba and drumming are encouraged to join the Beginner program. This program includes African marimba songs, gum boot dancing, and Brazilian samba percussion and movement.

Young musicians with prior experience are invited to join the Intermediate/Performance program. Participants will compose their own marimba songs, play traditional West African rhythms in a drum circle, and learn dances especially choreographed for the camp by instructor Nadjema Soro.

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Rick Scott

RICK SCOTT is his own unique genre: an award winning singer, songwriter and actor, and Canada’s leading proponent of the Appalachian dulcimer. Over 40 years he has released 18 albums and performed his lively, original blend of folk and blues in nine countries.

His gift for combining music, humour and poignant human commentary has earned him a devoted following from four generations. He’s Goodwill Ambassador for the Down Syndrome Research Foundation and curator of the Protection Island Museum. Rogue Folk says, “His gift for enriching and healing the human spirit will not soon be forgotten.”

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Parksville Community Park
193 Beachside Drive
Parksville, BC
V9P 2S5

Event Date
Sunday, August 20, 2017
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
25th Anniversary Celebration